Clean and Allergy Protect

Amazingly clean carpets, with added protection against spots, spills, stains and Allergens!

If you or a member of your household are allergy sufferers our Clean and Allergy Protect service is the perfect service for you. The Clean and Allergy Protect service has all the same great benefits of the Clean and Protect service but has the extra benefit of giving added protection from the allergens created by dust mites and fungal mould spores.

We clean the carpet thoroughly then add our specialist product, Stainshield with Actiguard. Stainshield give protection against spots, spills and stains by creating an invisible protective shield around each fibre.

Actiguard gives protection against allergies by eliminating dust mites, which are one of the leading causes of allergens within the home. Actiguard also has a residual effect preventing dust mite colonisation therefore giving lasting relief. Actiguard also works against fungal spores within the carpet fibres, further enhancing its effect.

The Clean and Allergy Protect service is not only the perfect solution for allergy sufferers but also Asthma and Eczema Sufferers too. It is also totally safe for all pets and children.


The main benefits of the Clean and Allergy Protect service are

  • Amazingly clean carpet
  • Protection against stains
  • Protection against dust mites
  • Protection against fungal spores
  • Carpets look cleaner for longer
  • Carpet’s lifespan is extended


Here is how the Clean and Allergy Protect service is performed

1) Inspection
We start the cleaning process by inspecting your carpet and then we select the best cleaning solutions suited to it’s construction and condition. This careful approach means we can achieve the best possible results for your carpets.

2) Pre-vacuum
We thoroughly vacuuming your carpets with our powerful vacuum cleaner to remove as much dry soils as possible. A thorough deep clean always starts with this step and should never be missed out!

3) Pre-Treatment
Next we will apply a Pre-treatment to the carpet. This will begin to break the bond between the soils and the carpet fibres. The Pre-spray solution we use will be tailored to the individual needs of your carpet and the soiling present. By using the correct cleaning solutions we can remove the maximum amount of dirt and allergens possible giving fantastic results.

4) Agitation
After applying the Pre-treatment we use an agitation device to work the treatment into and around the carpet fibres. The agitation device we use is selected appropriately to the item being cleaned and so will not cause any damage. We may use a mechanical brush, a hand brush or even just a soft cloth. This agitation phase will not only achieve effective cleaning but will also aid in gently lifting matted fibres and restoring the pile texture.

5) Dwell Time
We then allow the Pre-cleaning solution time to work on the soils in the carpet. In much the same way a baking tray is left to soak before cleaning, the Pre-cleaning solution needs time to work to its maximum effect, separating the maximum amount of soiling and allergens from the fibres.

6) Extraction
Now we get to the impressive part! Once the soils have been loosened and released from the fibres it is time to remove them completely. To do this we use a powerful extraction machine, mounted in our van, which will suck the dirt up and away from your home, via a long hose. At this point you will see a dramatic difference in your carpets, they will look and smell clean, revitalised and brighter.

7) Stain Treatment
During the cleaning process we will also treat any spots, spills and stains. Many spots and marks will be removed by the cleaning process described above. Some stains however will require specialist treatments. We are trained in specialist spot and stain treatments and will apply this knowledge in the correct way to achieve the maximum results possible.

8) Grooming
When the cleaning process is complete we groom the carpets with a specially designed brush to remove any imperfections created by the cleaning process leaving the fibres aligned and looking fresh and revitalised!

9) Stain and Allergy Protection
At this stage we apply Stainshield with Actiguard, this forms an invisible, odourless shield around each and every fibre making spots, spills and stains much easier to remove. It also makes daily vacuuming much more effective keeping your carpets looking fantastic for longer and extending it’s life by years. It also eliminates dust mites and fungal spores along with giving a residual protection against these allergy producing pests.

10) Drying
We leave a fan in the room which is specially designed to create an air current within the room. This accelerates the drying time of the carpet. The amount of moisture each type of carpet fibre absorbs varies tremendously so it is difficult to give an exact drying time however as a general rule carpets are dry between one and six hours.

Getting your carpet dry.

Getting your carpet dry quickly after cleaning is really important. This video shows one of our drying machines.

Posted by Robin Ray LTD Specialist Cleaning on Saturday, 25 November 2017
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What our customers say

We’ve built our business on customer recommendations, and believe our focus on customer satisfaction and our reputation for excellent workmanship have been key to our success.

Ben Barlaba

“Hi Robin, Just wanted to say thank you for the carpet cleaning service earlier today – the work was exceptional and beautifully finished off. The carpets look so much cleaner and brighter – will definitely be calling you back after the holidays.”

John Bryant

“We are delighted with the results of having our carpets cleaned. We knew we would see some improvement but were amazed at the difference and some of the stains that Robin managed to get out. It has certainly added more years to the carpets we have brightened up the house.”

Jean Ryan
Bovey Tracey

“We have just had our sitting room carpet cleaned. It was a very thorough and professional service. Highly Recommended.”

Mrs Maxine Bradley
Bovey Tracey

“Can thoroughly recommend Mr Ray for carpet cleaning. Very quick, friendly and efficient and left my carpet looking like new.”

Margaret & David Mitchell

“Robin has now cleaned our carpets twice and both times has provided a professional, friendly service, as well as being very knowledgeable about the products he uses. The carpets are a lot brighter and the pattern has come back to life after cleaning. We would not hesitate to recommend him.”

Ed Gibson
Bovey Tracy

“A thorough clean of various fabrics and materials which all came up well and Robin has a good knowledge of how to deal with various stains. Was prepared to go to the extra effort to access hard to reach areas of the property. Will be happy to use Robin Ray cleaning again and again.”

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