Domestic Carpet Cleans

Give your carpet the ultimate deep clean!

Clean only

Your Carpet is thoroughly cleaned using our exclusive 8 point deep cleaning process

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Clean & Protect

Our exclusive 8 point deep cleaning process with the addition of a powerful carpet protector to guard against spots and stains

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Clean & Allergy Protect

Our exclusive 8 point deep cleaning process with the addition of our Allergy Protector. This guards against spots and spills along with eliminating Dust mites and fungal spores

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I am so confident I can bring excellent results to your Carpet, Upholstery or Hard Floor that I offer a 100% Guarantee!

This means if you are not happy with the results of our services in any way, I will clean the area again for free!

Beautiful carpets deserve the utmost care when being cleaned

Our extensive knowledge coupled with the appropriate cleaning equipment will ensure your carpets are left amazingly clean and fresh!

No two carpets are the same therefore we don’t like to stick rigidly to one single cleaning method, in fact we have hall industry standard cleaning methods on hand. Whatever carpet cleaning method we use on your carpet we ensure we will treat your carpet with the utmost care and respect.


Here is an example of the method which leaves the Ultimate cleaning results on the vast majority of situations.

1) Pre inspection
Every carpet is different therefore a complete inspection is necessary, this is when we decide what products and methods will give you the best results.

2) Pre Vacuum
85% of soild in a carpet are dry our powerful vacuum system effectively releases and removes these.

3) Pre Treatment
We use a special solution which is tailored to your carpets individual needs so the maximum amount of soils are released from the fibres.

4) Agitation
We use a device to work the pre treatment solution in to the carpet this emulsifies the soils and lifts the pile.

5) Dwell
Solutions need a specific amount of time to achieve maximum effect, this is normally between 10 and 15 minutes.

6) Stain Treatment
Any stains we come across are treated with the correct product and methods to ensure the ultimate result possible. (some stains can be permanent)

7) Extraction
Powerful extraction equipment is used to remove the soils along with the pre treatment solution from the carpet leaving each fibre squeaky clean to their roots!

8) Grooming
Using a special bush we groom the carpet aligning the carpet fibres leaving a perfect finish.

9) Drying
We leave a special air mover in the which accelerates the drying process. Each carpet fibres absorbs moisture to varying degrees therefore carpet can dry within 1 hour and others up to 6 hours.

Free Bottle of Spot and Stain Remover

After every clean we give you a bottle of our professional spot and stain remover. This Amazing product can safely be used on all wet cleanable carpets and upholstery. It removes a huge range of spots and spills.

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What our customers say

We’ve built our business on customer recommendations, and believe our focus on customer satisfaction and our reputation for excellent workmanship have been key to our success.

Margaret & David Mitchell

“Robin has now cleaned our carpets twice and both times has provided a professional, friendly service, as well as being very knowledgeable about the products he uses. The carpets are a lot brighter and the pattern has come back to life after cleaning. We would not hesitate to recommend him.”

Ed Gibson
Bovey Tracy

“A thorough clean of various fabrics and materials which all came up well and Robin has a good knowledge of how to deal with various stains. Was prepared to go to the extra effort to access hard to reach areas of the property. Will be happy to use Robin Ray cleaning again and again.”

Jan Baker

“Robin came out the same day to treat a stain and ended up doing the carpet. Wonderful cheerful service. We will call you again.”

Mrs Reynolds,
South Brent

“Thank you so much for giving me back once again a new carpet and mat. Well done Robin, you truly are a master of your Art!”

S. Topley

“Thank you, Robin Ray, for a fantastic result in cleaning my carpets. They look excellent and I appreciate your highly professional and care taking approach. I highly recommend your services.”

Ben Barlaba

“Hi Robin, Just wanted to say thank you for the carpet cleaning service earlier today – the work was exceptional and beautifully finished off. The carpets look so much cleaner and brighter – will definitely be calling you back after the holidays.”

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