Carpets that look great, smell great and stay cleaner for longer.

In a busy restaurant it doesn’t take long for bustling trade, split food and drinks to take their toll on carpeted areas. If you would like your carpets to look great, smell great and give the right impression to your discerning customers… we can help.

Looking Great
To bring your carpets back to looking great again we will use our specialist extraction equipment to literally suck the soils from the carpet. Our highly effective cleaning solutions are designed specifically to target food substances, breaking them down and separating them from carpet fibres before being extracted away. So what’s left is clean, fresh carpets bringing the vibrancy back and lifting the pile.

Smelling Great
To make your carpet smell great again we don’t just mask the smells with strong perfumes. Because our system is designed to break down soils and suck them away, the source of the odour is therefore removed from the carpet. Your carpet will smell great again because it is so clean and fresh.

Keeping your carpet cleaner for longer
If you don’t want to have to clean your carpet every week our cleaning system is perfect for you. Because the system sucks the soils away it also removes any detergent residues left in the carpet. This means nothing is left in the carpet to attract soils. For the ease and effectiveness of future maintenance we can apply a stain shield protector after the carpet has been thoroughly cleaned. This invisible shield repels spots, spills and stains and makes it easier for spills to be cleaned up. So this means your carpets stay cleaner for longer!

Clean Carpet without the fuss
If you want all the benefits of clean carpet but don’t want to lose business in the process, we can schedule the cleaning around your opening hours. We can either start early or late depending on your schedule, so you can impress your customers without the inconvenience of down time.

Let us make our promises a reality
If you would like your carpets cleaned please contact us by telephone, email or social media. And we will make an appointment to survey your restaurant and asses your needs. We look forward to speaking with you.

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What our customers say

We’ve built our business on customer recommendations, and believe our focus on customer satisfaction and our reputation for excellent workmanship have been key to our success.

Jan Baker

“Robin came out the same day to treat a stain and ended up doing the carpet. Wonderful cheerful service. We will call you again.”

Ed Gibson
Bovey Tracy

“A thorough clean of various fabrics and materials which all came up well and Robin has a good knowledge of how to deal with various stains. Was prepared to go to the extra effort to access hard to reach areas of the property. Will be happy to use Robin Ray cleaning again and again.”

Margaret & David Mitchell

“Robin has now cleaned our carpets twice and both times has provided a professional, friendly service, as well as being very knowledgeable about the products he uses. The carpets are a lot brighter and the pattern has come back to life after cleaning. We would not hesitate to recommend him.”

Mrs Hill

“Carpets look like new (after 10 years) Quick and efficient. Thank you Robin.”

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