Clean, Fresh, Vibrant Carpets for Professional People

Would you like your office carpet to look fresh and vibrant again? If so we can help.

It is well known that a clean and organised working atmosphere is a major factor in productivity. Let us bring the harmony back to your workplace! We have a number of different cleaning systems at our disposal to ensure your office carpets are clean again leaving your office spaces an inviting place to be. Depending on your carpet type we will choose the most effective method to give you the most amazing results possible results.

A Great First Impression
A clean and tidy office environment can give an instant and lasting impression to visiting clients. If you would like your office carpets to give a great first impression our carpet cleaning service can achieve that. Over time carpets can become grey and dull with embedded dirt brought in from outdoor shoes. Our cleaning systems effectively lift out embedded dry soils and suck away grey dirty residues leaving fresh vibrant carpets which give an amazing first impression.

Stains Gone!
Coffee is the fuel of business, however it often finds its way onto carpets. Using our powerful cleaning solutions and systems we can effectively remove a wide range of coffee, tea and soft drink stains from office type carpeting. Leaving areas which were once unsightly much more pleasant and professional places to work in and meet with clients. We can also apply a stain guard protector which makes it easier to clean up future spillages and soiling, prolonging the clean appearance of your carpet and extending it’s life.

Some offices have a serious problem with static. Just the act of walking from one room to another can build up enough of an electrostatic charge to give an annoying shock. If this is a problem you experience in your office you don’t need to despair as we have the solution. The electrostatic charge is created between the soles of your shoes and the carpet, we have a specially designed solution which is applied to the carpet. This solution once applied prevents the static from forming leaving you without the distractions of constant electric shocks.

All the benefits, without the down time.
We appreciate that in a busy office environment you can’t afford for work to be interrupted. So we will work around your schedule, either starting early before you open or after office hours to ensure your business experiences no downtime, for maximum productivity.

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What our customers say

We’ve built our business on customer recommendations, and believe our focus on customer satisfaction and our reputation for excellent workmanship have been key to our success.

Margaret & David Mitchell

“Robin has now cleaned our carpets twice and both times has provided a professional, friendly service, as well as being very knowledgeable about the products he uses. The carpets are a lot brighter and the pattern has come back to life after cleaning. We would not hesitate to recommend him.”

Ed Gibson
Bovey Tracy

“A thorough clean of various fabrics and materials which all came up well and Robin has a good knowledge of how to deal with various stains. Was prepared to go to the extra effort to access hard to reach areas of the property. Will be happy to use Robin Ray cleaning again and again.”

Jan Baker

“Robin came out the same day to treat a stain and ended up doing the carpet. Wonderful cheerful service. We will call you again.”

Mrs Hill

“Carpets look like new (after 10 years) Quick and efficient. Thank you Robin.”

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