Blood Stains Again!

I was called out on an emergency clean in Bovey Tracey, just outside Newton Abbot in South Devon. A poor chap had cut his toe quite badly, the only problem was as he is paralyzed he didn’t notice it for quite some time. He wheeled himself around the house for some time before he noticed there was any problem, leaving a trail of blood every where he went. After vising the hospital he called us. As blood can be hard to remove if it is left to dry in for extended periods of time I rushed around that evening. Fortunately I was able to flush all the blood from the carpet, even the pool of blood which was left in the bathroom. I love cleaning carpets but sometimes it can turn your stomach!

The good thing is I didn’t need to bring a huge carpet cleaning machine in tho the property. In many situations involving spots stains and very small areas of carpet I have a small professional carpet cleaning machine. This smaller machine along with some specialist blood and protein stain remover I was able to remove all traces of the blood. Interestingly when treating blood stains which have been allowed to dry for a very long time it sometimes becomes necessary to treat the stain a a rust mark, because of the iron in the red blood cells. This was unnecessary in this situation however we have had great success with this in the past.

So if you have a stain which needs to be removed quickly call Robin Ray Carpet Cleaning on 01364 653221 we guarantee we will focus all of our attention and knowledge on achieving the best result possible.

Free Bottle of Spot and Stain Remover

After every clean we give you a bottle of our professional spot and stain remover. This Amazing product can safely be used on all wet cleanable carpets and upholstery. It removes a huge range of spots and spills.

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