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With years of experience and an eye for detail we guarantee the most thorough clean possible!

Blood Stains Again!

In many situations involving spots stains and very small areas of carpet I have a small professional carpet cleaning machine. This smaller machine along with some specialist blood and protein stain remover.

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Tea Stain Removal

While I was recently cleaning some carpets for a customer in Bovey Tracey I discovered this rather nasty tea stain. It had been there for a number of months and had set in to the 80% wool carpet.

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Ink Stain Removal Ashburton

If you have a spot of stain on either your carpet of upholstery the good news is almost all spots and stains come out with a general carpet clean an i would say around 90% of stains are totally removable.

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Blood Stain

Some times while cleaning carpet in the local area I come up against a blood stain. This was in a bungalow in Exeter the poor lady must have fallen and knocked her head on the door frame.

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Stain Removal

I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but it i not always possible to remove every stain from a carpet. But why you may be asking? The answer is because some fabrics hold on to a stain.

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I am so confident I can bring excellent results to your Carpet, Upholstery or Hard Floor that I offer a 100% Guarantee!

This means if you are not happy with the results of our services in any way, I will clean the area again for free!
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What our customers say

We’ve built our business on customer recommendations, and believe our focus on customer satisfaction and our reputation for excellent workmanship have been key to our success.

Margaret & David Mitchell

“Robin has now cleaned our carpets twice and both times has provided a professional, friendly service, as well as being very knowledgeable about the products he uses. The carpets are a lot brighter and the pattern has come back to life after cleaning. We would not hesitate to recommend him.”

Ed Gibson
Bovey Tracy

“A thorough clean of various fabrics and materials which all came up well and Robin has a good knowledge of how to deal with various stains. Was prepared to go to the extra effort to access hard to reach areas of the property. Will be happy to use Robin Ray cleaning again and again.”

Bovey Tracey

“I had forgotten what the original colour of our dining room chairs looked like until Robin worked his magic on them. We also had two sofas cleaned and despite the range of stains they had on them and their general tiredness, they have been transformed. I would thoroughly recommend Robin for his hard work and effectiveness as well as his general attitude towards doing a job well.”

Justine Merry

“Thank you Robin for your excellent service. I thought it would be impossible to clean my Chinese rug that I had used as a door mat. After just a couple of days you brought it back to me in pristine condition. I was truly amazed. Not only that but some years ago you made a fantastic job of cleaning my windows. AND, you helped me to fix a hose with which I was having trouble. You really are a star, thank you.”

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